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Sunday, 7/5/2020 Message

Title: How To Be Truly Free

Passage: Galatians 5:1, 13-18

Speaker: Pastor Stephen Chong

You can be free and not free at the same time. Being free and walking in freedom are not the same thing necessarily. In this message we learn how we are free and how we can practically walk in the complete freedom of Christ.

Sunday, 6/28/2020 Message

Title: Still Standing?

Passage: Matthew 7:21-27

Speaker: Pastor Stephen Chong

The storms of life come upon every person--believer and unbeliever. Sadly, even some Christians crash and fall. But Christ shows us how to withstand everything in life and remain standing in victory.

Sunday, 6/21/2020 Father's Day Message

Title: Filling the Voids of the Heart

Passage: Malachi 4:5-6

Speaker: Pastor Stephen Chong

Many of our societal ills are inextricably and undeniably attributed to a "father factor." Fatherless and father less factors leave voids of the heart which God desires to fill.

Sunday, 6/14/2020 Message

Title: What Would Jesus Do?

Passage: Matthew 21:12-16; 26:47-52

Speaker: Pastor Stephen Chong

With all of these social issues confronting our nation right now, and all of us being inundated with social media feeds, it's vital for us to pause, look up to Christ, and seek what He would do.

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(Revival House of Prayer)

Every 4th Wed. of the month Zoom Meeting

God has called us to be His house of prayer for all nations. Join us every 4th Friday of the month for all-out praise, prayer, training & equipping, & seeking His glory and revival.



Young Adults Ministry

Every 1st & 3rd
Friday of the month
(via Zoom)

God desires to raise up the next generation of Daniels, Josephs, Esthers, and Deborahs--mighty Spirit-filled and led revivalist leaders in every sphere of life. How? With Christ as their axis.



(Small Groups)

Every 1st & 3rd Week
of the month (via Zoom)

God wants every believer to be healthily connected to Christ's body--the church. rGroups is the way to truly connect at RC. Join and see yourself learn, grow, be encouraged, and thrive.


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