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Welcome to our REVIVAL CHURCH website! And welcome to your place of revival.


If you are spiritually lost or dry or famished, then this is your place for renewal, revival, restoration, and re-living God's wonderful dreams and plans for you. We're not about having just a nice church or Sunday service; no, we're about changing lives and the world by the transforming power of the Good News of Christ Jesus!


We are so excited that you're on our website. I encourage you to browse through and check it out. May it be a true encouragement and strengthening of your heart and soul!


Moreover, I encourage you to come and personally experience our Sunday worship service. It is a celebration of the Good News (the goodness of Christ) which overtakes and overwhelms fallen, broken lives by God's amazing love, mercy, and grace. I know you'll go home so blessed! 


Again, welcome! God bless you!


Stephen & Ann Chong



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